SNUB23 - Keep Moving, Stop Thinking

SNUB23 - Keep Moving, Stop Thinking

‘Keep Moving, Stop Thinking’ is a six-week responsive art show influenced in real time by interactions with the public. SNUB will be present throughout, painting works of art directly inspired by the people he meets in the moment, inspired by pressing impulses, inspired by catharsis. SNUB is creating an inclusive, evolving haven within the confines of the Bozboz Gallery, free from conjecture and scrutiny.  

Since the 1990’s SNUB has been painting walls in towering non-violent ‘protector’ robots that symbolise his guard. His work has been exhibited across Europe and beyond, garnering widespread admiration from his peers along the way.

SNUB is fighting the uninvited visual invasion of commercialism. Inspiration is fired by frustration; emotion becomes a plan of attack. Anger is the weapon, and any object the ammo in the fight against the optical overload.

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